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A few shots of the River Periyar at sunrise.  The bright spot at the top of the third image is the moon.




Back from Dr Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary, Thattekad some days ago. Here are some views of the Wayanad Ghat which we crossed whilst returning to Bangalore. Also an image of Vythri.

Bird images from the trip at my main blog: IndianWildlifeBlog





A pano of Hebbal Lake.



Sunrise, early morning 9th November, 2008. Borrowed my cousin’s Maruthi Van and made it down here after an entire month!




Dogs are always a good subject for fisheye photography.

Still housebound without a vehicle. Hence, the lack of photographs.

The first is my brother’s dog, Treasure, and the second is Lassie, who belongs to a cousin.




Caught this interesting cloudscape yesterday near Hennur.

The images open at 1024 px on the longest side.

Used the lens yesterday, but somehow managed to delete all the images. Could not recover a single image post Shift + Delete. Expect images next weekend 😦

Just purchased the lens yesterday (Sigma 8mm EX DG 3.5), and have just registered the blog. Expect pics to start appearing by the end of this weekend.

What is fisheye photography?

Fisheye photography refers to extreme wide-angle photography done with an 8mm lens. This lens gives a 180 degree field of view on a full frame camera, producing a circular image. The lens does not have a hood and the glass bulges out of the barrel, thus resembling the bulging eye of a goldfish.
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